Manage the research development of the University as well as the strengthening and promotion of the generation of knowledge that the society and the progress in science and technology demand. Its aim is the whole development of students, teachers and researchers of the University who are involved in the scientific and technological development of the State, the region and the country.  


1. Establish the regulations, policies, procedures and internal programs to promote, follow up and evaluate the research activities that are carried out in the Faculties observing the university legislature.
2. Promote with the support of the Corporation links department the agreements between the University. and national and international institutions for the development of research programs and supervise their execution.
3. Strengthen current research lines and create new ones. Generate the knowledge oriented find solutions to local, regional and State issues.
4. Promote the organization and the participation of the Faculties in research events and scientific and technological dissemination, promoted by national. International and state authorities.
5. Analyze and evaluate the research indicators of the University every year, in coordination with the Research Groups of the Strengthening Department, Development and research Promotion Department as well as the register, follow up and evaluation of Research Projects with the support of  he Faculties.

6. Propose to the Research, Postgraduate Studies and Corporate link programs that promote the generation of scientific and technological knowledge in the University.

7. Detect opportunity areas for opening new lines of knowledge generation and application.

8. Provide technical and administrative support to the Research Coordination of the Faculties when research projects are appointed after calls. Addressed information to professor researchers with external and internal finance support.
9. Observe the operation of the Summer Research Science Program, the research program for young people  called “Towards Research”, the Institutional Award for the “Science  Merit” and the Programs to Encourage Research.

10. Recognize professor researchers and students performance who work on science, technology, productivity, humanistic activities and national and international agreements in any of the knowledge area that are cultivated in the Faculties.

11. Coordinate the RP with other Higher Education Institutions and Research in order to carry out and develop projects together.

12. Present with the support of the Research, Development and Promotion Department a trimester briefing with national and international  calls with regards to research.

13. Manage the historical evaluation of productivity and the indicator records of the research groups.

14. Evaluate the institutional program that promotes research.

15. Operate the Research and Development Institutional Plan.

16. Manage and implement with the support of the Innovation Department and the Coordination of Standardization of Technology and Systems, an information system to register and follow up research projects which are carried out in the university.

17. Participate and collaborate with  the Research Institutional Committee.

18. Participate in the Commissions and Committees that the University Board specifies.

19. Participate, collaborate and carry out actions to meet the agreements set by the Research Institutional Commission.

20. Gather information and carry out an statistics study needed for the institutional plan and its promotion.

21. Coordinate permanent activities with other university departments for an optimal performance.

22. Promote training for the Research Department staff.

23. Provide public information that is generated, obtained, administered, modified or saved and which is required by the Access Information Coordination of the University.

24. Comply with and make comply with the overall policy framework established by competent bodies of the university.

25. Present the annual proposal plan from the Research Department according to the guiding principles, policies, objectives, strategies and goals from the Institutional Development Plan, as well as drawing the budged of the project for its evaluation and approval by the Research Department, Postgraduate Study and Liason.

26. Present to the Research Department, Postgraduate Study the annual report of activities according to the guiding principles, policies, objectives, strategies and goals  of the Institutional Development Plan .

27. Prepare with the support of the Coordination of Planning and Evaluation a trimester activity report for the Research Department, Postgraduate study and liason and the General Office of Institutional Evaluation Plan.

28. Administer the Research department under full time conditions.

29. Carry out all the functions that are assigned by the Research Department and Postgraduate Study as well as all the activities that are necessary to comply with functions and tasks conferred by the legal systems of the University.