Research, Postgraduate Study and Business Affairs Liason Office


Manage arrangements which are oriented to encourage technological and scientific research as a priority, promote the continuous enhancement of postgraduate studies as well as their promotion and the link that is bonded to the knowledge cultivated in the University in relation to the needs and requirements of the society and its different sectors.


1. Orient the scientific research and technological development towards the resolution of strategic social programs, especially the ones that are of local and regional relevance according to the institutional disciplinary and interdisciplinary capabilities to respond to such problems.

2. Promote in coordination with Academic the Service Office the set up of nets and interchange and cooperation of academic arrangements.

3.Establish in coordination with the Academic Services Office the links between  teaching theory, experimenting  and field  research in different knowledge areas.

4.Set up strategies to facilitate the mobility of professors and students (institutions, programs and educational modalities).

 5. Support the work that encourages research, dissemination and links according to the policies established in the Institutional Development Plan.

6, Coordinate and direct the design and implementation of instruments to evaluate the quality, competence and research effectiveness, dissemination and research.

7. Evaluate  research implementation,  postgraduate studies, dissemination and linkage of the institutional plans carried out in the Faculties.

8. Evaluate the Institutional plan for Research Development.

9. Support innovation projects in its different modalities in the units and Research Centers of the University.

10. Extend the necessary arrangements and strategies in order to encourage the structure and consolidation of research groups in the University  in  knowledge areas and encourage the development of national, international  and state collaboration nets.

11. Establish arrangements that facilitate and promote the participation of the Academic personnel of the University in national and state research systems.

12. Encourage students participation in research projects related to scientific, technological and cultural  development of the region, state and country.

13. Reinforce the research capacity of  the Faculties and promote the cooperation and the national and international academic interchange.

14. Promote , study and validate the diversification of  postgraduate studies offer and respond to the needs of the state and regional development.

15. Reinforce and extend, with the support of  the Postgraduate Studies office the coverage of the programs which are addressed to enhance the quality and
     relevance of  postgraduate studies.

16. Coordinate and manage together with the head offices and faculties the design and implementation of instruments in order to evaluate quality, competitiveness,
      and effectiveness of the postgraduate study plans and programs based on current legal systems, by reviewing and keeping updated in order to ensure their
      quality and relevance.

17.  Evaluate the Institutional   Postgraduate Development Program.

18. Promote the establishments of programs that ensure teaching staff and foster postgraduate studies among graduate students from the university.

 19. Encourage interchange and mobility programs among postgraduate students and teacher researchers in coordination with the faculties.

 20. Strengthen cooperation and interchange relationships  and the participation of the University  in national and international events.

 21. Encourage and strengthen the link of the University with the education, productive, governmental, and social sectors though the promotion, establishment and
       consolidation of collaboration agreements.

22.  Establish arrangements that promote the dissemination of   research results carried out by professor researchers of the University.

23. Encourage the creation, constitution and consolidation of enterprises with the support of the Incubation Entreprenuership Innovation Center.

24. Promote the link within different university entities and units through forums, meetings, seminars among others and divulged the achievements and progress of successful experiences.

25. Disseminate the scientific and technological work from the University.

26. Regulate the periodic and non periodic scientific and technological publications and co-publications.

27.  Participate and collaborate with the University Board and the Technical Board.

28.  Appear before the Institutional Research Committee.

29.  Appear before the Institutional Postgraduate Committee.

30.  Participate and collaborate as technical secretary in the  General Editorial Board.

31.  Participate and collaborate with the Institutional Evaluation Planning Committee in the Institutional Evaluation  Progress  Commission  of  Budgetary Regulations in the  Extraordinary Income Liason Board.

32.  Participate in the commissions and committee the University Board specifies.

33.  Carry out actions to meet the agreements of the University Board and participate in the commissions and committees that such Collegiate Body specifies.

34.  Coordinate the activities of  Head offices that are under its charge.

35. Collect information and draw up the statistics that are necessary for the Institutional Planning purposes and its dissemination.

36. Promote the staff training that belong to the Research, postgraduate studies and Business Affairs Office.

37. Manage, distribute and supervise staff activities that belong to the Research, postgraduate studies and Business Affairs Office.

38. Provide public information that is generated, acquired administered, transformed or kept at the request of the University Access Information Coordination.

39. Comply and make comply the regulations established by the competent bodies of the university.

40. Present to the Rector the Institutional Annual Program of Activities with a copy for the Institutional Planning and Evaluation General Office.

41. Administer the Research , Postgraduate Studies and Business Affairs Liason Office under full time conditions.

42. Carry out all the activities assigned by the Rector´s office.

43. Carry out all the activities that are necessary and the proper fulfillment of its functions and other legal legislations of the University.